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A Dream From The Future

When working at a college
for the maintenance personnel,
I worked in their museum
where my tasks were going well.

One night, I dreamed of entering
a room of antique lutes,
with scores of other instruments
of quasi ancient roots.

They filled the shelves in front of me
and spanned across the room;
the atmosphere, uncannily
had the feeling of a tomb!

With fiddles, banjos, zithers, harps,
and anything with strings,
this old display and fine array
had not left out a thing!

The lighting overhead was dim,
as if it were at night;
then suddenly, the curator
approached me on my right.

We spoke in in-distinctive words,
but friendly, nonetheless;
the dream, by now was dissipating,
and I'd soon egress.

Flash forward two weeks to the day,
I'm in the same museum!
I'm standing right in "deja vu",
same antique mausoleum!

The instruments, the curator,
and layout were exact!
I saw the future, it was real,
I've BEEN there, it's a FACT!

~William 6/24/2022


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A Dream From The Future