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Our Lakeside Cabin

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On the edge of the forest, away from it all,
with encompassing stillness and visions of fall

sits our little log cabin overlooking a lake,
amid misty surroundings, observing daybreak.

Many slow-falling leaves and a bite in the air
announce autumn's arrival at our secret lair.

We'll sit on the bank into deep meditations
while closing our eyes taking in the sensations.

A chorus begins in the feathery words
in a tree filled with singing, melodious birds.

Meanwhile, a black bear with cubs caught our eye
from directly across the lake, wandering by.

This haven of peace and abundant wildlife
is the end of the rainbow for me and my wife.

We go there for solace away from the city;
when it's time to go home, it is always a pity.

~William A. Tatum


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Our Lakeside Cabin