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The Five-Day Grind
"Two Old Timers"

You wake up on Monday
and you crawl out of bed,
to begin a new week
filled with unknowns ahead.

With a shower and coffee,
you step up the pace
'til you're ready to join
in a weekly rat race.

There is planning and chaos
the coming five days,
so you get off to work
without further delays.

By nine, you are facing
incredible foes,
but to meet any challenge,
you stay on your toes.

By five, it's all over;
your job is well done.
Your rivals concede,
you've successfully won.

It was fun sitting down
at a desk in your house,
beating strangers at Scrabble
with your masterful mouse.

For five days a week,
you stay fully inspired.
Aren't you glad to be home
on your bum and retired?


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The Five-Day-Grind `Two Old Timers`