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The Trident Sea

A three-cornered sea
lies in waiting to snare
passing mariners and fliers,
not warned to beware.

By invisible forces,
they somehow entangle
in unsparing clutches
of the web-like triangle.

It forms a great net
with a shadowy noose;
once they enter its hold,
victims seldom break loose.

This netherworld sea
and its yellowish sky
will cause instrument readings
to soon go awry.

Lost odysseys declare
beyond shadows of doubt
that the sinister tide
had been lurking about.

Pulling mariners down
in the wink of an eye,
untold passenger planes
were snatched out of the sky.

Countless sailors and pilots
who had little chance
might have altered their course,
had they known in advance.

The theory that stands
on the disappeared masses
is undersea pockets
of uprising gasses.

In the infamous lair,
something dark is amiss
from deep down in the bowels
of the deadly abyss.


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