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The Infamous They

"They," say it's this, "they," say it's that
we hear it all the time.
who are these multi-facet pros
who clutter up this rhyme?

The know-it-alls and masterminds
who have no face or name,
responsible for all that's right
yet never take the blame,

whose noncommittal meddling
is the only help they give,
oh, to track these insects down
and swat them where they live!

They make decisions on their own
to which we must comply.
No questions asked, we acquiesce,
assuming they don't lie.

When things go wrong, and help is sought,
we're paid another visit
by absentee, wise counseling
that's here to help, or is it?

Their secretive society,
unchallenged for its proof,
continues being well-embraced
although it stands aloof!

Let's put one over on this bunch
that no one ever blames,
and as they drop more sound advice
we'll make them sign their names!

~William A. Tatum

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The Infamous THEY