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William's Ten-Toed Tales
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Sock Heaven

A fate to which we all are prone

with every pair we'll ever own,

it happens to our favorite pair,

as one dissolves into thin air!

And once the laundry has been done,

what left as two, returns as one.

The one sock comes back nice and clean,

its mate is never again seen,

Or magically, "if" both come back,

one sock is blue, the other black!

The search is on to find those socks

from hampers, trash to the litter box,

continuing behind the doors,

in closets, dressers, beds, and floors.

You must have thought you'd never miss

the one that found the deep abyss!

Once zapped, as with a magic wand,

it's doomed to meet the "Great Beyond".

We victims have the right to know,

"Where DO those other half-pairs go?"

Perhaps one striped and one Argyle

will come to be the latest style?

Until then, makers hear our plea:

"Why don't they come in pairs of THREE?"


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Sock Heaven