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 Off The Dial

"Musical Ear Syndrome"

A strange disorder of the mind
some victims won't address
takes place while in a dreamy world
that's known as "M.E.S."

Awakened from the dead of sleep,
as cryptic music plays,
a phantom voice is clearly heard
beyond the known airways.

The smooth announcer comes to life
when music of a kind
is spun within, subconsciously
and broadcast from the mind.

The spooky station comes and goes
with magical control;
in fear of brain waves gone awry,
they dread to tell a soul.

Some mysteries of "M.E.S."
stem from the inner ear,
as victims share the malady
that they can scarcely hear.

Those dulcet, detailed melodies,
flow softly through the ears
until the deejay from the "ID"
signs off and disappears.


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Off The Dial