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Moon Child

I must've been a moonchild
from the day that I was born,
romanticizing full-moon nights,
and charmed by crescent horns.

 And gazing at its crooked smile
without a special lens,
or sitting 'round a campfire
in the moonlight among friends.

I marvel through the phases
as it waxes and then wanes,
from its fullest and its brightest
to its hollowed-out remains.

When shining through my window
on a clear and starry night,
I've always felt sedated
by its moody shade of light.

There's a calming satisfaction
in the walks, I like to take,
just watching sparkling ripples
stretch across a moonlit lake.

I wouldn't be the same without
my friend up in the sky,
who gave me feelings that will last,
until the day I die.


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Moon Child