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Life in the Middle Ages

When did the day
Of my youth fade away,
With its hearty young "snap" and its "zing"?

In a flash, it all went,
Now my body is spent
And I can't seem to manage a thing!

Just a short time ago,
like the "star" of the show,
I could haul my own weight on a jog!

But as quick as a wink,
I now grimace to think
That I have all the zip of a log!

Our perception of time
Can be oddly sublime
When it comes to the process of "age".

And when looking behind,
The majority find
That those "twinges" were just the first stage!

So as you looked back
on that painful attack,
it came with an ironic riddle:

as we hit the first stage
Of that oncoming age,
Why did it appear on "our" middle?

~William A. Tatum

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Life in The Middle Ages