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Tatum's Time Trip Tale
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Invisible Highway Ride


(I)nfinity's own stretch of road

(N)o eyes will ever see

(V)iewed only as the endless wake

(I)t leaves as history.

(S)o curved-yet-far, the one-way path

(I)ts journey perseveres,

(B)eyond the reach of mortal life,

(L)ayed down in endless years.

(E)quipped with unmarked "On-Off" routes

(H)umanity applies,

(I)t safely helps new life merge on,

(G)ets off where someone dies.

(H)ind sight is all the eyes can see,

(W)ith twenty-twenty vision.

(A)ll travelers move at varied speeds,

(Y)et never a collision.

(R)evealing none of what's to come,

(I)t won't stop on a dime;

(D)elivering all its passengers

(E)ventually, to their time.

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Invisible Highway Ride