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Here's To The Few

The time has come to raise my glass
to celebrate the few,
you comrades from so long ago,
to say my last "Thank You".

Your varied paths led through my world,
however short or long.
The memories you left behind
have stood forever strong!

Somehow I made it through the years
beyond your mortal span.
In looking back, I'm proud to say
I've been a lucky man.

The best and worst of all our days
were never lived in vain;
we shared each other's happiness,
we felt each other's pain.

In looking back on 90 years,
as lucky geezers do,
I'll hoist my glass of 90-proof
to celebrate the few!

I'll hit the light and lock the door
behind me when I go.
When all is said, I'll leave this world
with no one left to owe.


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Here`s To The Few