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Tatum's Touching Tracker Tales
ever wonder what dogs are dreaming

when they run and bark in their sleep?

Doggy Dreams

I raised my head and looked around
when startled by a smell,
it had long ears and hopped away
right towards a wooded dell.

"What kind of creature looks like this?"
I asked myself in haste.
"I'll go in for a closer look",
so through the woods, I chased.

Way up the trail I spotted him
when he looked back at me,
and leaping high into the air,
he morphed into a bee!

But by this time, I had to run
as I became the prey;
while he was buzzing after me,
I couldn't run away!

In fear of getting stung by him,
I tried to hold my own.
Just as he came in for the kill,
he turned into a bone!

So happily, I took the bone
and set out through the woods
and headed back for home sweet home
to gobble down the goods.

But suddenly, the bone grew legs,
a tail and giant claws.
This "cat" was way too big to fight
with my short, nubby paws!

Now yelping in a pillowcase,
I woke up in my bed
to find my loving owner
pat me gently on my head.

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Doggy Dreams