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Tatum's Tall Territorial Tales
the two essential elements for settling differences out west...

Leather 'N Lead

Out in the street of a frontier town,
as history paints the scene,
two rivals face each other down
with tension in between.

Both guns are lightning-fast, they say;
it's time to break the score.
As dust and gun smoke clear away,
one gun will shoot no more.

Now gambling on eternal fate,
each gunman takes his stance,
thus knowing if he fires too late
he'll get no second chance.

Two menacing and fearsome stares
exchange from eye to eye.
The question lurks behind the glares
of who is going to die.

They go to draw, both guns are raised,
two piercing rounds are fired.
One shooter's hit and slightly grazed,
the other just expired.

The undertaker's job is done
when a six-foot box is filled;
this time he'll only bury one,
as only one was killed.

The wounded victor paid the price
his opposition dealt,
but grew old from the sound advice
to hang up his gun belt.

Gunslingers of the untamed west
were seldom found alive
to boast the fastest or the best
long after thirty-five.

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Leather `N Lead