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At The Wishing Well

I visited the wishing well
with pockets full of fare;
the day had come for dreams fulfilled
and time to pay my share.

Those wrong ways down a one-way street
demanded something new,
so changes were in order now,
and I was overdue.

I cast a penny in the well
for everything I yearned;
I hoped, for every cent I tossed,
more common sense returned.

Then nickels flew at every wish
to heal my nagging pain,
by severing the memories
that caused my heart to wane.

As wishes weighed more heavily,
I raised it to a dime.
The well soon caught my pocketfuls,
one longing at a time.

I may not be the richest man,
but I am still the wiser,
as all those coins were only slugs
because I'm still a miser!



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At The Wishing Well