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Another Ghost Story

One cold, eventful autumn night,
I ran a "one-man crew",
by trying to burn the midnight oil;
I had a job to do.

A friend procured an old estate
out past the city bounds
and called on me to renovate
the house upon its grounds.

The building sat in dormancy,
its grounds not manicured;
what once adorned our little town
was now drab and obscured.

It must have been last century
that this grand home was new.
The walls of the perimeter
had moonlight shining through.

To walk inside the gutted house
and visualize its walls,
it gave off creaks and echoes
as I hobbled down its halls.

I shrugged it off and back to work
I went with tools and light,
ignoring what might be in wait
each cold, dark, creepy night.

The sights and sounds intensified
around me by the hour;
illusive shadows, breathing winds
compelling me to cower!

"I'll work as hard as time allows
and put no thoughts to fear;
by focusing on getting paid,
I'll soon be out of here!"

My obligation was fulfilled
to end one grueling week.
I'd bid "good-bye" to noisy walls
and wooden floors that creek!

Once I was done, I looked around
to double check my work,
and there, outside the window
moved a shadow with a jerk!

When I beheld that dismal shape
I thought a spectral "being",
I grabbed my tools, unplugged the light
and left the manor fleeing!

But, I returned the following day
with all my pride and grace,
to feign the "air" that all was well
in order so "save face".

I nonchalantly paced the place
and much to my chagrin,
the "monster" was a scarecrow
dangling outside in the wind!


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Another Ghost Story