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An Old Lady Of The Sea

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She's a century old
and a beautiful lass
Who, by far has outlived
other girls in her class.

Anchored high on a bluff,
Over-looking the bay,
She's a proud paragon
of the ships of her day.

Now retired from the sea,
she still takes on a crew
When some guests climb aboard
for an evening or two.

Her history's obscured,
But her boarders suspect
That they've seen her old captain
Keep watch on the deck.

He keeps a tight ship,
as one visit will tell
And he tends to look after
His night guests as well.
Two eagles are seen
every day, soaring by
Like the sentinel wings
of a vigilant eye.

Her terminal voyage
stretched four-thousand miles
Which had more than surpassed
all her previous trials.

This seafaring giant
has ceased to set sails,
But she holds a locked treasure
of epic sea tales!




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An Old Lady Of The Sea