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My dog and I hold long debates
on everything we do,
whether eating, walking, t.v. Shows,
or affirming who owns who.

The banter starts like clockwork
with a snort behind my back
I spin my chair 'round, face-to-face,
and my doggy wants a snack.

I tell him "No, it's not time yet,
You ate one hour ago!"
He lets me have it with both barrels,
the instant he hears "No".

He chatters up a little storm,
inflections are included.
He wants to eat from dawn 'til dusk,
but I tell him he's deluded!

I win round one and stand my ground,
he's getting loud and glary!
He wins round two, I failed to bring
my Chihuahua dictionary!

One thing about this breed of dog,
they get quite regimented;
they can't change once their mind's set
and they're distinctively demented!




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My Argumentative Chihuahua