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Tatum's Treasure Trove Tales
savoring my alone time on the seashore...

The Sea And Me

Like my father before,
I have walked on the shore
where the sands and the seas were my home.
When the dusk of the day
lured the swimmers away
I'd return to my playground to roam.

It's a world of its own
like no other I've known
where the moon-glittered sea meets the sky,
where the brine-scented breeze
blowing in from the seas,
joins the sounds of the Seagulls up high.

I would often explore
precious treasures ashore
when they beached from the incoming tide.
Through the troves, I would sift
that were once set adrift
on a turbulent, seafaring ride.  

The lighthouse's beam
with its powerful gleam
would shine bright on the vast, open sea,
while the tide would go out
leaving remnants about,
to await their discovery by me.
On a whim, I would sit
at the end of the spit
watching ships come and go through the night.
Near the set of the Moon,
I would make my way soon,
and be gone at the morning's first light.





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The Sea & Me