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Phantom Hitchers

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Emerging out of nothingness,
evoking abject fear,
these hitchers ride and chat awhile
before they disappear.

All riders have quite different aims,
as drivers will observe.
Some trying to find their way back home,
some, only to unnerve!

They'll haunt a darkened, country road,
or urban city street,
in search of lonely drivers
with an extra vacant seat.

A conversation may ensue,
once drivers let them in;
then something creepy in the air
is felt beneath their skin.

The driver turns and to their shock,
sees no one anywhere,
and then, the truth is realized:
no one was ever there!

Some famous legends through the years
have told of lovers lost,
who vowed to find their missing mate,
no matter what the cost!

And one tale of a wandering soul
found thumbing for a ride
was picked up by unknowing folks
where once, the hitcher died!

And long ago a rider felt
a cold and sudden force
leap from behind and hold on tight
while riding on his horse!

If driving down some stretch of road,
a stranger waves you down,
you might just find yourself alone
when reaching the next town!


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Phantom Hitchers