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A Day Through Old Eyes

your sense of time becomes obscure,
you don't feel time elapse.
The greatest thing about your day
is when you take your naps.

You spend your rare and waking hours
Comparing now-and-then;
most conversations of your day
Start with: "Remember when?"

You treat your body like a car,
that flivver from the past.
With every simple task, you do,
you hope your parts will last.

Your memories were a faculty
that kept you in the know,
but now they're like fair-weather friends
who quickly come and go.

You're still a vault of memories,
from a multi-decade span,
and like to share your rich insights
with others while you can.

You used to balance many things
while eating on the run,
but lost the power to multi-task,
now barely balance one.

The world you knew has gone away,
you fear the thought of change;
you're too entrenched in your old ways
to adopt the new and strange.

You  are the sum total of a life
whose work was quite a feat,
but at some point, that process stopped
because your life's complete!




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A Day Through Old Eyes