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A Caffeined Fiend

As your best friend in the morning,
it will bolster you right up,
from inviting sounds of brewing grounds,
to the bottom of the cup!

Until that morning java fix,
you're in that foggy state;
but one slug from the coffee mug
just makes it worth the wait!

I'd frequent any coffee shop
with time and cash to spend,
and savor any flavor served,
regardless of the blend!

There's nothing like the satisfaction
from a cup o' Joe,
that gut fuel that kicks like a mule
and keeps you on the go!

What could be worse than running dry,
without "one" coffee bean?
You'd climb the walls from "mud" withdrawals
while craving more caffeine!

I get a headache from the thought
of running out of java;
Just one more thrill from one refill
of Dark Roast, hot as lava!

D'ya ever wonder why they charge
more than the price of beer?
That stellar taste so nicely laced
with exotic atmosphere!

Coffee bars beat other bars
and cater to the wise;
they never make a bad headache
nor cause those d.u.i.'s.




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A Caffeined Fiend