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happy ending missed .. Act I

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this is a complicated story
so please kindly take your seat
the tale of two star-crossed lovers
and it starts the night they meet
eyes locked across the dancefloor
did her heart just skip a beat
when he offered her a lollipop
and said it was hers to keep

all night long he dreamt of her
and she would dream of him
the girl who'd had a light up smile
the boy who'd made her grin
he wondered when he'd see her next
when she came wandering in
they each felt nervous and excited
and that's the way it's always been

it wasn't long til she found herself
in his arms and on his bed
he wondered if she could read his mind
if some things were best unsaid
she wondered if he could see her thoughts
he placed a hand between her legs
but this next part must be censored ..
.. so lets simply skip ahead

now I know what you are thinking
but love rarely runs straight through
he was emotionally immature
she was unacquainted too
was he cold to her because of it
did he leave her feeling blue
did she know how much he wanted her
did he know her love was true

it's here we are introduced
to a villain in our midst
a friend to her or so she thought
(every story has a twist)
who'd said that she had slept with him
when they hadn't even kissed
it seemed their love was doomed to fail
their happy ending missed

it would be terribly sad for all of us
if we stopped our story there
she made him feel like no other could
all the stars came out for her
he said "I'd like to see much more of you"
she felt unsteady in her chair
her knees felt weak she couldn't speak
could this really mean he cared

and yet for reasons not yet understood  
it seemed our lovers wouldn't make it
she fell in love with another boy
still the feeling never faded
besides he'd never told her how he felt
if he had would she have waited
would she ever mend his broken heart
or fill the hole she had created

~ intermission ~

July 2022

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