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Gettin' My Goat

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Cruisin' down the highway on a long stretch of road,
I kinda felt like drivin' in a casual mode.

A Friday in the summer with a weekend ahead,
I felt content to take the road wherever it led.

The Sun was shinin' bright without a cloud in the sky
and my summer car was beggin' me to give it a try.

The afore-mentioned vehicle's a G.T.O.,
with a six-pack on the intake and a cravin' to go!

This silver-blue convertible with four-on-the-floor
is a classic muscle car of vintage year '64!

It sports a pair of headers just to sweeten the sound
and I "T.L.C.'D" this baby from her roof to the ground!

She inhales enough oxygen to pull out your hair;
my friends nicknamed her "Toker" from the suction of air.
Well, just about an hour through my afternoon ride,
some loony nearly swiped me on the delicate side!

I figured as he blew by he was lookin' for fun,
like maybe push my buttons into makin' me run!

I thought no more about it once he went on ahead,
'til I saw, not far away a yellow light turnin' red.

I pulled right up beside him and I gave him the nod.
He answered back by revvin' up his "Acme" street rod.

I shoved it into low gear at the first sight of green,
burnin' rubber into second, as I got away clean!

Then, suddenly beside me and himself as well,
his car was over-heatin', I could tell by the smell.

He started pullin' past me when he flipped me the "Bird",
I'd had enough of this and started reachin' for third!

The time had come to show him how to mortally fly;
I dropped her outta third and slammed the eight ball in "High".

To see how fast he faded, somethin' struck me as odd,
like the puff of smoke behind him as he threw out a rod!

Smoke signals and the speed were near the height of his day,
'til the man in blue came to rescue and take him away.

It looked like justice served the irresponsible punk
when they killed "two" birds by takin' him and that pile of junk.

I see a little humor as I look back and gloat;
It takes more than a bird to get my elusive Goat!




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Gettin` My Goat