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A Shell-tered Life

I've sat here on this shelf, unmoved
for quite a long duration;
now I'm afraid that I'll be made
to suffer from stagnation.

I look around and notice others
that are of my kind,
yet, they appear quite settled here,
and haven't lost their mind.

Are they alive? Can they cry out?
What keeps them all at ease?
Was I around when they were found?
Would someone tell me, please?

What force of nature brought us here,
without our mute approval?
I liked it more back on the shore,
before my rude removal!

I used to be a domicile
for someone in the sea,
my pearl-lined dome was someone's home
but, now that someone's me!

There is an upside here, however;
for what seems like a year,
those windy sprays are now at bay,
not blowing in my ear!


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A Shell-tered Life