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Tatum's Teachers' Tedium Tales
a look back at a typical day through my sister's eyes...


Your schedule is filled
with the rigors of teaching
while building a case of the jitters,

and challenging traffic
to school, in a frenzy
and back to a house full of critters.

Imagine a life
where you spend every day
pounding discipline, manners and rules

into unruly beasts
with the sense of a rock,
to come home to the regular jewels!

You should be awarded
for keeping the pace
with two diversely-difficult jobs;

one calls for the strength
of exemplary mentors,
the other, to tolerate slobs!

Continuing feats
on a regular basis
without slipping into a funk,

would require dedication
and love of that life
without staying hopelessly drunk!



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A Teacher`s Life