Islam is total submission to the One God indivisible. Lord Supreme and most high. The ever living Creator of earth, sea, wind, sky and all contained between, upon or within.

The One that brought all life into being. The all knowledgeable One. The Manufacturer of light, sound, seeing and hearing. The sender of guidence through Prophethood,

To those who believe and voluntarily bow down in the state of Islam as they should. Those that are steadfast in prayer, kindness and charity.

Those who Allah has blessed and rewarded with spiritual, emotional and mental clarity. Their reward for shunning self conceit, arrogance, bigotry and opulence.

They ascend through prostration and submission in both this life and the next by no happenstance or chance. The promise of Allah is true, that's their stance.

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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