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Tatum's Theoretical Tales
an unreachable fantasized world,

deep in unexplored space...

Shore-less Isle

Somewhere there lives another world
beyond the farthest star
whose sight escapes the searching gaze
of watchers from afar.

The distant orb’s inherent life
emerged throughout the ages,
evolving into strange,
exotic beings in languid stages.

Intrinsic life is burgeoning
with every season’s pass,
in forms of diverse faunae
who will naturally amass.

The night beholds a solitary moon
in crescent phase,
whose lunar smile beams light down
through a misty, bluish haze.

An atmosphere of gasses
permeates the world below,
reflecting light upon the surface,
causing it to glow.

Unfaltering, the orb revolves
around its mother sun;
undaunted, it has metamorphosed
since life had begun.






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Shore-less Isle