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 Nostalgic Encounters 

I get caught up in reveries
that take me far away,
leading me to all the places
of my younger day,

like visiting a hobby shop
when I was only eight;
if left a chance to visit there,
I wouldn't hesitate.

Life was fun and things were simple,
everyone was there.
My everyday was impromptu,
and lived without a care.

When walking to the five-and-dime
to buy a comic book,
the two-mile hike was worth the time,
however long it took.

The pipeline phones were chatrooms
that all payphones had for free;
we talked state-wide, between the beeps
when dialing any three!

Pop music had a different sound
that had a rockin' beat.
Most deejays were comedians,
who now are obsolete.

The more I delve into my life
to see the fading past,
the more the need to visit
so my sentiments will last.



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Nostalgic Encounters