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Lost In The Triangle

a true story

From NAS in Lauderdale, the five Avengers flew

On five, December Forty-Five, with fourteen in its crew.


Embarking on a training flight for “Problem Number One”,

The straight formation headed east on their two-hour run.


The flight commander made a call within the second hour,

With sounds of worry in his voice, contacting the flight tower.


“What’s your position?” he was asked. “We don’t know where we are;

repeat-we cannot see the land.” It all became bizarre.


With compasses malfunctioning, the training crew was blind.

Distorted weather made the land impossible to find.


A PBM Sea Plane was sent but didn't get too far.

Just twenty minutes after takeoff, fell off the radar.


A passing merchant ship reported a fireball in the sky.

and later there was evidence of an oil slick nearby.


The PBM had thirteen men, aboard when it exploded.

They died and all were lost at sea, the Navy further noted.

Among the largest searches launched the world has ever seen,

They combed through Florida’s coasts and seas in search of Flight 19.


No tell-tale signs of wreckage found, the twenty-seven men

Were swallowed by a mystery and never seen again.


~William A. Tatum




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Lost In The Triangle-a true story