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Tatum's Teetotaling Two-Fisted Tales
discovering an alternate route to a dead end!


We've hoisted brews and closed some bars
and left our keys locked in our cars,

and spilled some drinks, fell off our stools,
and staggered out like drunken fools.

When a girl came in, a tipsy slur
would shout the words to welcome her.

We had some laughs and saw some nights
when crossing words broke out in fights.

And pain ensued the following day
with every form of hell to pay,

from cuts and scrapes, and huge bar bills,
to the search for blood on our front grilles,

and some of us were not too wise;
we drove and earned those D.U.I.'s.

Well, through the years, some kicked the booze
as others would succumb and lose.

It seemed like fun in younger days,
when we pursued those reckless ways.

Had we not changed our choice of drink,
we might have vanished in a wink!



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