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Tatum's Tender Tombstone Tributes
articulating those final words to be remembered by...

Eloquent Epitaphs

We often leave this world bereaved
in silence, when we die,
no final notes or famous quotes
to be remembered by.

We know our days are numbered,
but we never know the day;
the mystery throughout history
is to when we're plucked away.

Our time is inescapable,
so we should do our best
to autograph our epitaph
before we're laid to rest.

Some finalize your grave stone,
others beautify your urn,
so plan your speech before you reach
the point of no return.

My epitaph will mark my urn
and echo into bliss,
the vested views that I shall choose
and go something like this:

The spirit world enchanted me
while dreaming of forever.
I now commence from this day hence
my sacred-most endeavor!”



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Eloquent Epitaphs