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Senior Sounding Board


Since  my youth, I recall
in a store or a mall
where the elderly came up to me,

I could be in an aisle,
or in line for a while,
when they had something for me to see.

And the scene never missed
that they couldn't resist
coming at me wherever I'd be.

Like a fly to manure,
I could count on it sure,
as it only would happen to me.

They were either complaining,
or overly-feigning
disgust at a product or price,

and politely impassioned,
I readily fashioned
responses with friendly advice.

I was merely a kid
who was trying to get rid
of this target, I had on my back.

like a diamond from coal,
I must be an old soul
who lured older folks to attack.

I look back and smile
as it's been quite a while
since sharing young wisdom for free.

I now claim the right
to reflect in hindsight
and complain, as that senior's now me!

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Senior Sounding Board