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Phantom Phone Caller
a true story

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I spent one lazy afternoon
at home, upon my bed
engrossed in some new magazine
I hadn't fully read.

Sometime within that tranquil hour
a voice came from the blue;
it said the name of someone
I was sure I never knew.

While pondering the mystery
of this intriguing name,
I speculated as to why,
and from whence the voice came.

I searched the local phone book
and I found one perfect match,
but in my effort to be sure,
there was another catch:

Await the next year's listings,
and by seeking this name out
would prove or disprove my belief
of what this was about!

The day of answers finally came,
I went to take a look.
Lo and behold, That one name
was no longer in the book!

My finding led me to believe,
the mystery voice implied
was telling loved ones on the phone
this man most likely died.



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Phantom Phone Caller