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Lost in time

Looking back to bygone times I pause

With some regret, I miss the girls I should

Have loved and those I can't forget. It

Sounds a little empty now, but I do wish I

Could prise, an opening in the door of time

To tell them 'They were right.'


The past has come to haunt me, it won't

Leave me alone, it whispers June and

Maureen, Ruth and Sadie, Marge and

Joan. I see their faces every night I

Look before they fade, making way

For Alice, Janet, Jacqueline and Jane.


The past has gone forever, but the guilt

It still remains, it feels like only yesterday

So hurtful is the pain. I'd like to say I'm

Sorry, albeit lost in time, to Sophie,

Isabella, Abigail, and Caroline.

© Joseph G Dawson