The white supremacist Savior engrossed in presidentially atrocious behavior. Lighting to flame the ameriKKKan Constitution. Seeing insurrection and treason as their only viable solution. In unison shouting that they want their country back and they will not be replaced. What's happening to their country is a damn, dispicable disgrace. And they refuse to be replaced by any with red, brown, yellow or black face. Committed to making ameriKKKa great again, hate again, whiter than white again. Contradictory, antithetical, paradoxical to liberty for all. Only whites should pocess the right to be free at all yall. All hail the would be King. If you go to jail he promises to pay your bail. Stand back and stand-by the would-be dictator as he does his thing. Seems like the ameriKKKan experiment has continually failed. Fascist fostering a new era of judicial and political hypocrisy At every level sounds like the devils democracy. Making ameriKKKa Great Again and Keeping ameriKKKa Great seems to be a monumentally impossible task.

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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