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Tatum's Timeworn Tales
from hale to frail within a moment's recollection...

Faded 'N Jaded

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I'm just an old body
who's tender and frail
with the movements of someone
who's no longer hale.

My limited actions
demand more attention
and trouble me more
than I hazard to mention.

As a young man, I spent
much more time on my toes,
but today I'm contented
to sit in repose.

That able, young man
was a fit Baby Boomer,
who's now an old timer
with only his humor.

And I don't regret
those exciting endeavors
that shaped the young days
of the best childhood ever!

It's a pleasure to sit here
and just reminisce
about untold adventures 
with friends that I miss.



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Faded And Jaded