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The True Horizon

A student of life
once set out to learn
That the things we desire,
we don't take, but we earn.

He met a wise teacher
whose council was sound,
with infallible wisdom,
the young student found.

When told of horizons
to his misperception,
he made a long journey
of grave misdirection,

which riddled his mind
in the way he was led;
he was missing the context
in which it was said.
Determined to find
where the precepts apply,
he would seek the great place
where the land meets the sky,

realizing at once,
in his lone quest to reach,
that he was in search
of a figure of speech.

Now clear on the matter,
he made the conclusion
that distant horizons
are just an illusion.
The truth came to light
as he stood all alone,
that you don't reach horizons,
you stand on your own!




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The True Horizon