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The Largo High Wire Experience

While working at the Largo Bowl
in 1973,
there was a thrilling, one-time only
sight I got to see.

The famous Karl Walenda came
to do his highwire act.
He crossed the new arena
to the other side, intact.

The daring feat would last as long
as my half-hour break.
Within that time, I gaped with awe
and felt my insides quake.

While balancing and all alone,
he inched without a net.
The audience became so tense,
that you could hear them sweat.

Once he was down successfully,
we brought our hats to sign,
but by the time it was my turn,
he'd graciously decline.

I missed his famous autograph
but he left me with these:
His famous words etched in my mind
are “No more hard hats, please!”


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The Largo High Wire Experience