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Tatum's Tender Tales
a one-of-a-kind individual of great humor,
many stories and many friends who will be long remembered... 


He came from the South
with his old-fashioned ways,
making hundreds of friends
through the course of his days.

A master of words
with a quick, single wit
and a knowledge of history
that just wouldn't quit.

He was famous for sayings
of personal stock
and a roaring guffaw
often heard down the block.

All learned to admire
both the humor and mind
of this man who was found
to be one of a kind.

Though modestly open,
yet often complex,
he was called an "old charmer"
by the opposite sex.

Respectfully gentle
and never obscene,
he treated a lady
as if she were Queen.

But, at times in his life
when he suffered the blues,
he would call on his trusty
old bottle of booze.

That upright, transparent
and fair-weathered friend
would eventually take hold
of his life in the end.

He quickly departed
with shock and surprise,
when he breathed his last gasp
to his final demise,

as his clock had run out
at the sound of its chime
when he suddenly left us
before it was time.

He's remembered by friends
out of love and good will
as the bald-headed, bearded
wise owl, "Curly Bill".


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