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Your carriage awaits

Lie quietly tonight and you may hear

A coach and pair pull up outside your

Window. The right horse is Time, the

Left horse Reflection. They will wait

For an hour and you will hear their

Hooves pacing the gravel eager to fly.

They are your servants for the night and

yours to command with a little help from

The coachman. You will fly by starlight

From the Constellation Perseus and be

Safely back home by dawn should you



The coachman knows your heart well for

He is Love and he will whisper to the

Horses telling them of your every desire,

And they will take you to the arms of a

Man called Sincerity who loved you at

First sight, thought you slipped from the

Pages of heaven and more than that, still

Is in dire want of your love. A thousand

Tears shed in vain is enough so come, dry

Your eyes, your carriage awaits.


Clouds will blow away to reveal a lover's

Moon, a moon that could only be conceived

For one purpose, that of love, and tonight its

Light shall not be wasted for you are the star,

And it is you for whom it shines. Strong arms

Will reach out to embrace you, hold you,

Enfold you, wrap you in the urgent rush of a

Man in desperate need of your love, taking

Your breath away gentle fingers will trace

Your every curve, his hungry lips courting

Every line of your beautiful body in a way no

Man has ever done before. He will caress

Your inner secrets, satisfy your every desire

And then, going beyond your wildest dreams

He will turn your naked body to the moonlight,

Slide his fingers over willing contours and

Love you all over again.


Laid on a bed of floating diaphanous chiffon

You will be powerless to resist his gaze, your

Body will be his and his alone. There will be

No way back from this heavenly place, your

Flesh will rejoice in the lightness of his touch

Whilst responding willingly to the sheer force

Of his love. A love that will last long into the

Night, into this night, the next night and every

Night from now on should you so wish, but do

Please remember, the coach must leave before

Dawn. Question is: will you be on it? No, I

Didn't think so.

© Joseph G Dawson