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It’s not her fault, she’s beautiful

Don't scold her she won't know what for,

Don't drive her hard she's done no wrong,

Don't look for fault where there is none,

'Is this the limit of your love?'


Don't down her when she gets dressed up,

Don't criticize her pretty looks,

Don't pick on everything she does,

It’s not her fault, she’s beautiful.


Don't wait to see what she's got on,

Don't even say what's on your tongue,

Don't spoil her day, don't cloud her sun,

Got nothing nice to say - stay shtum.


Don't steal her smile with cheap remarks,

Don't lock her out, don't break her heart,

Don't trash her world, don't waste her love,

Just because she’s beautiful.


Don't crush her pride with hurtful schemes,

Don't damn the things she does to please,

Don't be the fool who couldn't see,

The jealous streak that dwells in thee.

© Joseph G Dawson