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Touching a beautiful woman

Oh, how I pray she’ll look my way and we’ll lock

Hearts in long moments of promised surrender.

Two souls bound together in a distant embrace

Empty tables, empty space, the hour is late and

Time is slipping away yet just we two remain.


A waiter coughs and looks at her watch, who will

Make the first move, who will acknowledge the

Other, whose hips will nudge tables aside in the

Journey from you to me or from me to you? Should

I get up or should I let you make the first move, but

If I do and you stay still the moment may be lost

forever and I will leave alone…


She swallows hard and quickly gulps air. She

Is more surprised than she has ever been in

Her entire life. Her breasts heave and she is

Not sure what has happened, for she is moved

In a way no one has ever moved her before.

Her whole body is on fire. She is on the point

Of tears and she is afraid of her own reactions.

Will she succumb to love? Yes, she will, for

She has been moved by a beautiful woman.


She touched her heart and visibly made it sing,

Moving her totally and completely. There is no

Hiding how she feels and no hiding what she

Craves. Her blood runs wild through joyous

lifting her shoulders upwards in complete

Submission she gives in to feelings too long

Concealed, too long denied. She has become

As putty in the hands of a woman and in the

Hands of a woman she has become whole.


Her lips part as she looks deep into her eyes,

For she has aroused a flower, a flower whose

Petals are not used to being taken in this way.

When did she become so weak, so vulnerable

To the touch of a woman but Hell, who cares?

Too late now anyway for she is upon her and

She is in her arms, her glow spectacular, her

Light has been lit and it will stay so forever.


The barriers have been breached, splintered

Even, a trickle has become a torrent, a torrent

A great flood of love. Unstoppable longing

Pours from rivers of want in a frenzied rush

Of desire swollen by discovery. Love lain

Dormant for too long now freed from the

Shackles of uncertainty, free to breathe, free

To flourish, free to love.


A mixture of bewilderment and joy crosses

Her contented face. Once too beautiful, too

Fragile to be touched, here then is that same

Gorgeous retiring creature now released from

Captivity and firmly in the hands of love. Each

Touching the other, exploring the other, lips to

Lips, skin to skin. It seems the wait has been

Worthwhile, for touching a beautiful woman has

Fulfilled a vast desire for love - in a beautiful



© Joseph G Dawson