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The Ghost Ship Mary Celeste

The merchant ship "Mary Celeste" had set sail
in the year 1872,
from a harbor in Staten Island, New York,
with her captain and seven-man crew.

Captain Briggs, accompanied by daughter and wife,
were Genoa, Italy-bound;
Less than one month at sea, and the ship was adrift
off of Portugal, where she was found.

The Dei Gratia discovered the Mary Celeste,
who was lifeless of captain and crew.
Judged fully intact and in worthy condition,
once searching her all the way through.

The cargo was barrels of pure alcohol,
for enhancing Italian fine wines.
No barrels were missing, upon the inquest,
as were no other scandalous signs.

The lifeboat was missing, which added intrigue
to an already-growing ghost story.
The mystery would enter the maritime annals,
logged under the "True" category.

The Mary Celeste would be brought to Gibraltar
to collect the ship's due salvage pay,
pending further probes into the legal proceedings,
ruling out any chance of foul play.

The ghost ship had suffered a shadowy past,
under multiple owners and names;
a two-ship collision and running aground
by the ship's captain, who was to blame.

The mystery continued into the next centuries,
with no further clues to be found.
The fate of the lost souls remains a closed book,
be they kidnapped, or shipwrecked, or drowned.

"It is said that some people are jinxed from the start,
being doomed from the day of their birth,
whereas vessels can likewise bear similar fates,
being cursed from the launch at 'their' berth.''


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The Ghost Ship Mary Celeste