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West is Best

The old saying, ‘Nero fiddled while Rome
Burned,’ is as true today as it was then.
Promises that barely bear fruit, vital
Decisions made on the hoof to please
Supporters, scant attention paid to what
Might be waiting in the wings and more to
The point, what might be the long-term
Consequences of handing intellectual
Property, work and domestic livelihoods,
Over to a country and people directly
Opposed to democracy.

The scale of this mistake is becoming
Clear and impossible to deny who
It was funded the mighty war machine
Now railed against us, we did.

Look round your home to find kettles,
Coffee machines, toasters, food Mixers,
Food processors, knives, forks, spoons,
Music systems, iPhones, computers,
Modems, light bulbs, light fittings, dogs
Toys, children’s toys, games, garden tools,
Kitchen utensils, and now cars, and the
List goes on, feeding a vast war machine
With every penny/cent spent.

In light of a clear and present danger,
Surely now is the time for decisive
Action, action that will put matters of
Western Safety, Sovereignty and
Productivity first.

Bring the work and jobs home, build new
Super-efficient factories powered by home
Made solar panels, home made electronics,
Home made semiconductors, ending the
West’s reliance on cheap prices that cost
Us dear. Make everything we need at home,
Lower shipping costs, less pollution, more
Local productivity. Yes, there may be a slump
But it will pass as new plants are established
And new jobs come on stream and let’s not
Forget, this is a nettle the West will have to
Grasp one day - so why not Now?

© Joseph G Dawson


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West is Best