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Reason Why

To feel that cold metal ring
pushing against your shin.
To know, you have to show yourself you can find the reason why,
that you feel like you are drowning from the rain falling from the sky?

You think, you know each reason'that you should die,
the world knows how much, how hard you have tried not to cry.
You don't look at what you have won, only what you have lost,
you don't stop and think to die there will be no cost.

Yet, there comes that time when you want to give up,
all you think you know, you have takin enough.
Then you heart kicks in telling your mind to hush,
that away all the bad thoughts be push.

You think, you can't let all that love go to waste.
and your kindness will not be used to give love haste.
You think of all the moments you will never see anymore.
Are you ready to forever lock all those doors

Once you do that,
Crazy as a bat.
People will say about you,
Not knowing it might not be true.


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Reason Why

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