Caribbean war of the elementals

The tropics never looked more dangerous.
Threatening Invest Ls and T-waves in rank and file ominous.
Coming off the African land deck, active as heck.
Only the great desert of airborne dust keeping them in check.
From Africa across the Caribbean and
the Gulf to American shores shrieking for places to wreck.
The Saharan dust stifling the weapons of these elemental spirits.
Pressing down their spin up with mouthfuls of grit.
Cutting off their marching lines, thwarting the military designs
of these atmospheric invaders malign.
Dust, dust, dust battling the windy spinners down to a sullen mull.
Their low atmosphere hulls sculled to a lull.
Quiet, quiet, dangerously quiet now. Below the shear not a stir.
Hot, hot, hot above and below the seaís lair.
Look out Caribbean islands!
Beware Gulf of Mexico lands!
Caution American coasts!
They are coming, sniffing behind the heels of their ancestors.
Like Elsa, Ivan, Katrina and Ike and their other progenitors.
The firewall of dust thinning, clear pockets of space spinning.
Eyes on the horizon. Get ready. Be steady.

The attack forming in the air, gathering invisible members.
Count the launch days to September.
Peak of the season, you must remember!
So be prepared and mentally limber.
Listen for their atmospheric inflections.
See which section and direction.
Be ready with active bug out detection.
How will these elementals their hurricanes spin?
As the Earth turns and turns, the north pole a moving pin.
It might be best, to repent of all your sins.
To have a way to the one true God and liberty,
and not be enslaved to elementals and jinn.
Before the live war theater action begins.
Itís shaping up to be quite a shrieking din.
Survive and live to tell this seasonís tale over a cup of ale.

CI-422149230 Knight Truelove Poems