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A predator, a scavenger,
and nature's perfect pair;
one hunts for food by scent and stealth,
the other, from the air.

The Wolf and Raven share a bond,
that forged from long before
Their kinship reaffirmed that joining,
steeped in ancient lore.

Ravens, being vigilant,
Alert the wolves to prey,
and act as sentries against threats
in driving them away.

Both deemed as mystic creatures
with diverse abilities,
as well as noble, earthly beings
of swift agility.

Their symbiotic, long alliance,
grew from social skills,
communicating mutually,
uniting in their kills.

The Raven, or the "Wolf Bird"
with its versatile dialect,
displays wide-ranging language
with uncanny intellect.

"Custodians of Ancient Wisdom",
wolves were dubbed of yore,
and known to engage Ravens
in a friendly tug-of-war.

The Raven-Wolf Relationship,
that's seemingly beguiled,
is one of the most salient
existing in the wild.


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The Raven And The Wolf