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God made the universe
and mankind brought
kindness and mercy
in this very harsh world.

We see in the world
only the things that
we want to see and
we disregard the rest.

Oldest Hindu book
Manu-smruti stated
that smaller life-form
is food for the bigger.

We call it food-chain
and humans are at the
top of the food chain;
we kill and eat all.

There is no kindness
or mercy in killing
and eating a life form;
Nature is doing it all.

Humans brought concept
of kindness and mercy.
Hypocrisy was also born
at the very same time.

We kill and eat animals
and still pretend to show
mercy to animals and
think we are kind to them.

Animals don't pretend.
They just kill and eat.
Kind and merciful us,
We even kill for fun.

God created universe;
we created concept of
kindness and mercy
and then we killed both.

Fox - Hunting:
One of the "spin stories" we hear to try to justify fox hunting is that those people only do it for the fun of the chase and that rarely is the fox ever caught.  They also try to tell us that the foxes enjoy the chase, too.  Well, it's obvious that the fox who is being torn apart didn't enjoy "the chase."

Kris ~ Dreamweaver

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