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Light Force


We do not come from the light we are the

light force, solving false impressions

of self that is in our heads to believe

answers to the existence of humanity.

We are not gods nor are we aliens who

try to invade human thoughts to turn

logic into something that is false to cause

friction among nations that believe

in much more, that should not be considered

the truth.


Weak minds ex actuate truth, leading to friction

to become a reality, that makes mankind

begin to lack faith and hope, jumping from

one truth to another finding there is no

answers, to our existence as we know it.


We know energy source is the strongest we

can possibly have, and it goes on for eternity

regardless of who, what, when, and where, it began

from the beginning, the universe was made of love

and pure energy, everything from then on

continued, creating more and more while

the energy keeps growing beyond our knowledge

understanding what it was, and how it started

being our living force of life.


Light, as you know, is the energy it sparks our

world force with love and compassion

lightening waves of world reflections, known

as spiritual enlightenment.


We continue on with life, going into our

consciousness to connect ourselves to one, instead

of being two, so our vibrations become higher

as our positive thinking continues on without any

limitations to keep us from continuing on our

journey fleeing away from old thoughts, gathering

new realizations, of thoughts with the enlightenment

of soul, spirit, shining light, love, and more growth

going on for eternity.


(Love Energy is our Strongest Force

in the Universe.)


©DerenaBree (All rights reserved)


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