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Hitler justified killing millions of Jews.
Saddam justified killing of his people.
Stone-man justified human sacrifices.
Justifiable Homicide is still a murder.

"Thou shall not kill" has no exceptions
Buddha asked not to kill any life-form.
No reason is good enough to take a life.
Justifiable homicide is still taking a life.

A mother has a choice in killing her baby.
Baby is given no choice for its own life.
Freedom of choice is given to the mother
The baby is killed and no choice is given.

Justifiable Abortion is still killing a baby.


I got one feedback on my poem ~*WHEN A MOTHER IS NOT A MOTHER*~
about difficult choice a mother has to make about the abortion.
My reply is: Given a choice of killing a 1year old baby
and saving her own life, no mother would kill a 1 year old Child.
A baby in a womb is still a child, why would they kill that baby
to save themselves from social defame or physical harm is beyond
any logical reason.
Advocates of freedom of choice know so well that the unborn baby is
given no freedom of choice at all. I am speaking on behalf of those
unborn babies who want to live and grow old like you and me. Do not
forget you too were an unborn baby once. So easy to forget that fact.

I got one feedback from a mother who made a bad choice and had
an abortion and she has regretted that all her life. My poem is not
to make them feel lesser of a mother. It is to stop other would-be
mothers making that bad choice and have their babies killed,
on an easily spoken word ABORTION. It is still a MURDER.

If I could save life of just one baby my efforts are worthwhile.
Please, try saving babies without differentiating between born or
unborn babies. They are just babies. I'm urging and pleading you-


Love and peace,
Kris ~ Dreamweaver

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